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It's The Little Things

4 Things to Do With All Your Apples

If you recently went apple picking (or just happen to have a whole bunch of apples) you will need to do more than just snack. Have your kids help you cook and then help you eat some delicious apple recipes. Here are some fun things you and the kids can create with your apple stock pile. Apple Chips: Simple,...
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8 Great Tips for Home and School Communication

Bust out your sharpened number two pencils and put on your fancy clothes, because back to school time is here!  With kids spending roughly 35 hours a week at school, it is important for parents to know what is happening in the classroom.  Building a strong home and school connection is essential.  Here are eight...
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The Best Family Friendly Restaurants on Long Island

When you choose a restaurant to go to for dinner, there are several factors you take into consideration when choosing that restaurant. These factors include, what you’re in the mood for, the occasion, time and whether or not the kids will be joining you. If the kids are going, you will want a kid friendly, family...
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